Key To Spin-Offs (BoE Vol. 1.)


BOY 1: I WONDER what those two girls are talking about over there. They seem to be really excited ABOUT something.
BOY 2: Yeah. But you know, maybe THEY’RE JUST CATCHING UP.
BOY 1: Could be. But WHAT IF they’RE TALKING ABOUT STEALING something. Is THAT possible?
BOY 1: I don’t know. It’s KIND OF FUN to eavesdrop on OTHER PEOPLE’S conversations.
BOY 2: I heard ONE OF THEM SAY something about A trip to Europe.
BOY 1: Oh yeah? That is interesting. WHOSE IDEA DO YOU THINK IT WAS, the SHORT GIRL’S?
BOY 2: I COULDN’T really TELL.
BOY 1: Oh, ok. It DOESN’T MATTER. I mean, I don’t know EITHER of them so…
BOY 2: Right, me NEITHER. I don’t even know why I MENTIONED it. WHAT A stupid THING TO SAY, huh?


Back in the States, Lisa applies for a teaching job at a small college. Her job interview focuses on the two years she spent in Czechia.

INT.: So Lisa, what was it like to spend two years in Europe? You know, being among people who didn’t speak English?
LISA: It was a bit of a challenge, that’s for sure. But most people did speak English to some degree or another.
INT.: Oh. I suppose that made things a little easier for you.
LISA: It did. And they were all eager to work on their English, which made me work harder than I normally would.
INT.: Was that when you made up your mind to become a teacher?

HINTS 1. jaké to bylo | 2. trochu zápřah | 3. většina lidí anglicky mluvila | 4. tím pádem to všechno bylo | 5. to ano | 6. a proto taky | 7. víc | 8. než bych dřela normálně | 9. tehdy ses rozhodla? | 10. že se staneš


When Alex was in his early twenties, he couldn’t imagine ever getting married or becoming a family man. Then he met Mary.

I can’t believe I’m married TO this wonderful girl. I’m SUCH a lucky guy. Meeting Mary was the best thing that has ever happened TO me. THE second I saw Mary AT that conference five years AGO I knew she was THE one. Apparently, Mary felt the same way ABOUT me.
How amazing is that? I mean, actually meeting your soulmate. WHAT are the chances? I really lucked out, DIDN’T I? I can’t help wondering, THOUGH. What IF we had never run INTO each other? What WOULD I BE doing now? That thought really scares me.
This girl saved me FROM wasting my life away. If I HADN’T met her, I’d still BE hanging out in clubs, getting drunk and smoking pot day AFTER day. Man, WHAT a waste that would be. INSTEAD, I have become a husband and a father TO two beautiful kids.
The kids, they’re ALL I talk about THESE days. I don’t care if everyone IS sick OF hearing about them BY now. I just can’t help myself. I had to make a choice five years ago and I think I made the right ONE BY choosing Mary OVER my social life.


Although most Czechs were happy to see their streets fill with foreigners coming over to teach the locals their language, there were some who didn’t feel quite the same way.

These Americans, they’re all over the place these days, RIGHT? They’re just so annoying, with all those fake smiles and pleasantries. WHO INVITED them here anyway? We don’t need THEM TO TEACH us English. In fact, that language DOES NOT NEED TO BE TAUGHT at all. We’ll get by without it.

What’s WRONG WITH SPEAKING Czech? Why don’t they learn Czech SO THAT THEY CAN TALK TO us? Why SHOULD WE HAVE TO learn English? I DON’T CARE how many people speak it, I’m not learning it. And NEITHER IS MY HUSBAND. He recently lost a job because his English WASN’T GOOD ENOUGH. That really pissed me off.


Two young sales clerks are standing in an aisle in a shopping mall, eavesdropping on Mary and Lisa.

I also wish I COULD GO TO Europe. But I DON’T THINK I WILL, not in this life, WHICH is kind of sad. NOT UNLESS I win a lottery or something.
SAME HERE. Looks like we WILL BE STUCK in this job until we die.
That’s a really scary thought. LET’S NOT talk about it!
Whatever. We should GET TO WORK (GET BUSY) MOPPING the floor. I can’t afford TO GET FIRED right now.
It’s weird, though. I mean, they’re THE SAME AGE AS WE ARE. And they’re going to Europe. I CAN’T BELIEVE we’re working so HARD in such a crummy job and those two just do WHATEVER THE HELL they want to do.
LIFE is not fair, GET USED TO IT. We’ll BE LUCKY TO HOLD ON TO this damn job.


Back in the States, Lisa applies for a teaching job at a small college. Her job interview focuses on the two years she spent in Czechia.

Yes, but NOT UNTIL the second year. – HOW COME? You’re a natural at teaching. – NOT REALLY. It MAY SEEM that way now, but I actually STRUGGLED the first year. – That CAN’T HAVE BEEN easy. – It wasn’t. IT TOOK a lot of work to get myself organized and understand what teaching is all about. – But you GOT BETTER AT IT over time, right? – Yeah, it WAS WORTH the effort. – And here you are. We’d be happy to HAVE YOU TEACH here, Lisa. – Wow. You wouldn’t believe how glad I AM TO HEAR that.

HINTS 1. ale až druhý rok | 2. čím to? | 3. ani ne | 4. možná se to jeví | 5. šlo mi to těžko | 6. určitě nebylo | 7. bylo potřeba | 8. začalo ti to jít | 9. stálo to za to | 10. když tady budeš učit | 11. jak mě to těší


The kids that Mary is teaching at her grade school are totally in love with their new teacher.

We have the MOST amazing English teacher now. Her name’s Mary and she’s SO much fun. The teacher we had before wasn’t nearly AS good. She was mean and NONE of us liked her. I think MOST of the kids look FORWARD to Mary’s classes. I know I do. The ones we’ve had SO FAR were fun. Mary’s never bored and NEITHER are we.


Anyway, EVEN THOUGH Mary has only been here for a month, everyone loves her already. NOT ONLY is she pretty, she’s also very patient. Also, she treats us AS IF we’re grown-ups, WHICH is cool. UNLIKE most teachers, she’s always IN a good mood. She also calls us BY our first names SO THAT we feel more comfortable AROUND her. I think YOU can tell that someone is a good person BY the way THEY talk to you.


Although most Czechs are happy to see their streets fill with foreigners coming over to teach the locals their language, there are some who don’t feel quite the same way.

I WISH THERE WAS A LAW against foreigners COMING here and STEALING our jobs. THERE’S WAY TOO MANY OF THEM here. I want TO MAKE IT HARD for them to find work here. HERE’S HOW IT WOULD work: No one WOULD BE ALLOWED TO hire foreigners UNLESS they learn some Czech first. That will STOP THEM (FROM) COMING here. One day they’ll just realize IT’S NOT WORTH LIVING here anymore.

Oh, how I hate these people. Why DOES MY SON KEEP BRINGING them here for lunch anyway? Why DO I HAVE TO cook for them and talk to them? What AM I SUPPOSED TO LEARN from them? I AM TIRED OF TALKING to them! COULD MY SON BE DATING one of those girls? He HAS BEEN SPENDING an awful lot of time with them lately. HE’D BETTER NOT MARRY her or I’ll kick him out of the house.


Lisa’s just about to pay her tab and walk out of a bar when a guy sits down right next to her.

Hey, how is it going? I DON’T THINK I HAVE seen you here before. You’re one of those American girls, aren’t you? Lisa, right. How COME you’re alone here? Where’s THE OTHER girl?
Oh, she’s not MUCH OF A beer drinker? GOOD FOR HER, ha ha ha. Anyway, I’ve heard a lot about you. APPARENTLY you’ve met everyone except me.

HINTS come up | keep | worry | apparently | good for sb | much of a | have been up to | too bad

My name’s Dan, by the way. NICE TO MEET YOU. So what HAVE YOU BEEN UP TO, Lisa? Are you still LOOKING FOR A JOB or have you found ONE yet?
You haven’t? Well, that’s TOO BAD / A SHAME. But don’t WORRY about it. Just KEEP LOOKING, sooner or later something will COME UP.


Lisa’s mom is nervous. Her daughter has been gone for almost a week and she hasn’t called once. Finally Lisa’s mom picks up the phone and dials.

Honey, is everything ok? I’m really WORRIED ABOUT you. I HAVE BEEN CALLING you for days and no one ever answers the phone. Well, of course I’m FREAKING OUT. You haven’t called SINCE YOU LEFT. You should HAVE LEFT a message or something. How WAS I SUPPOSED TO know you were ok? Look, THAT’S NOT HOW we agreed this would work. I EXPECTED YOU TO call and you never did EVEN THOUGH you said you WOULD.

HINTS 1. mám o tebe strach | 2. volám ti už | 3. panikařím | 4. co jsi odjela | 5. měla jsi nechat | 6. měla jsem vědět | 7. takhle ne | 8. čekala jsem, že | 9. i když | 10. že zavoláš


When Tom puts down the receiver after Lisa’s call, his girlfriend comes into the room.

Who was that, Tom? That person you talked TO ON the phone. – Nobody. Wrong number. – Don’t lie TO me, Tom. I heard you talk to someone IN English. – You must HAVE heard wrong. It really was nobody. – Oh, come OFF it. Tell me THE truth. – But I just did. – Spit it OUT. Don’t make me throw A fit. – Ok. It was THIS / A girl and… – I knew it. You bastard. – No no no, it’s not WHAT it looks like. – It never is, IS it.

No, this time it really isn’t. Let me explain. – Don’t bother. I’m tired OF your excuses. – I understand why you’re suspicious, honey. I WOULD be, too. – So you admit there’s something going ON here. – No. Trust me, I’ve never met this girl. She’s not even from AROUND here. – You’d better NOT BE lying to me, Tom. NOT again. – I WOULDN’T dare, honey. NOT after last time. – Right. WHICH reminds me, how is that scar healing?


The kids that Mary is teaching at her grade school are totally in love with their new teacher.

Mary never comes in sounding crabby and grumpy, UNLIKE our science teacher for instance. We kids love that ABOUT her. She never gets upset OR yells at us, not EVEN when we forget our homework or talk to EACH OTHER in class. I can’t really picture her EVER raising her voice or punishing us. I wish all teachers were LIKE that.


It looks like PRETTY MUCH every school here has a native speaker BY now. But NONE of them is AS good as Mary. Most are really bad AT connecting with the kids. Some are (WAY) IN over their heads. Many of them regret coming here already. NOT Mary. She’s enjoying her time here and SO are we. TOO BAD she’s leaving soon. We’ll miss her.


Lisa’s about to pay her tab and walk out of the bar when a guy sits down right next to her.

Ok, but DO YOU REALLY HAVE TO find a job? Like, I DIDN’T HAVE TO WORK when I went to the States. Anyway, I wish I COULD HELP you.
Wait, NOW THAT I think about it, there’s THIS GUY THAT I think MIGHT BE ABLE TO help you.
WHY DON’T I give you his number SO YOU CAN him and ask him YOURSELF? Ok, LET ME find the number for you.

HINTS work out | let know | welcome | must | let me | so that | why don’t

It’s on a business card WHICH IS in here somewhere. Damn it, I MUST HAVE LOST it. No, here it is. (Thanks.) YOU’RE WELCOME. You can KEEP the card, I have ANOTHER ONE.
So good luck. And LET ME KNOW if this helped. I really hope THINGS WILL WORK OUT for you here.


Lisa’s mom is nervous. Her daughter has been gone for almost a week and she hasn’t called once in that time. Finally Lisa’s mom picks up the phone and dials.

Look honey, I understand you’re BUSY SETTLING IN and all that. But I’m your mother and I want YOU TO KEEP IN TOUCH in touch NO MATTER how busy you are. IS THIS ABOUT money? WOULD YOU RATHER I called you? I will if you want ME TO. I DON’T CARE how much those phone calls cost. Just send me your schedule SO I KNOW when to call, ok? IS THERE A time difference between England and Czechia? You know what, never mind, I’ll FIGURE IT OUT.

HINTS 1. máš moc práce se zabydlováním | 2. abys byla v kontaktu | 3. bez ohledu na to | 4. jde o | 5. byla bys radši | 6. to po mně chceš | 7. je mi jedno | 8. abych věděla | 9. je nějaký posun | 10. přijdu na to

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